We are glad to inform you that we are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of the Chilled rolls, DPIC rolls, Forged rolls, S.G. & Adamite rolls widely used in the Automatic, Semi automatic steel rolling mills, Paper mills, Roller Flour mills, Biscuits plants, Rubber mixing plants & Other Roller plants. We have been successfully supplying our products to leading Rolling & Re-Rolling mill of Maharashtra, Mandigobindgarh, U.P., & other parts of India. We are quality conscious so every thing is checked, before our dispatch is made to the party.    more..

Prime commitment towards quality has resulted in "SHREE" chill Rolls being certified as NISST manufacturer of chilled cast iron rolls.   more..

Today, SHREE LALJI ALLOYS have established itself as a major market player in almost the entire range of rolls manufactured by it. The key to its success has been its ability to imbibe the latest ongoing innovation in technology and its coming up with Quality SHREE LALJI ALLOYS is the logical expansion for offering a range of such Quality comprising newer Grades & sizes of rolls              more..


Carbon is the principal of hardening in steel with iron carbon combines to form carbide which is hard & brittle. The increment in steel, increase the hardness of steel. The hardness becomes correspondingly less in steel containing more then 85% carbon then low carbon ranges. Ductility & weld ability decreases as the carbon increases.         more..

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